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Marty2018-05-18 07:36:30
I have to admit i was skeptical about the payment process , but i decided to give it a try. I have just purchased my second premium service and i am very satisfied ! This is a very convenient way to pay and is helpful for someone concerned about privacy and anonymity online. Thanks! to
A Nobel2018-04-29 01:49:06
I ordered K2S using an Amazon gift card. Process was easy and response was quick. Within 24 hours, my account was up and running. to
Dudu Ion2018-04-12 10:02:26
Constant support and answers to all question in a thorough manner. Same marvelous experience! to
duduion882018-03-08 23:38:35
great experience and fast service to
duduion882018-03-08 23:37:26
great customers service as always. stays with you online no matter how pesky the questions. practically instant delivery as well. to
Dudu Ion2018-02-22 08:37:48
Great service as always. Constant support step by step until transaction is complete. to